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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  April 5, 2013 5:00pm-6:00pm PDT

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dan know booked them for the last time 43 years ago today. that's "the fox report" for friday, april 5th, 2013. i'm jon scott in for shepard smith. we're back same time tomorrow and the factor is up next. >> bill: the o'reilly factor is on. tonight: ♪ money, money, money. >> bill: very bad news for the u.s. economy today. the job market remains dismal. and obama care looks to be one of the reasons. we'll give you the hard, cold facts. >> bill: prison corruption in new orleans. shocking and disgraceful. will anything change in the big easy. >> i was more man sympathetic. >> even when you read
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about -- >> bill: robert redford exposes himself as a very radical guy. gutfeld and mcguirk has some comments on that. caution, you are about to enter the no spin zone. the factor begins right now. >> bill: hi, i'm bill o'reilly. thanks for watching us tonight. looks like obama care is already descending into chaos. that is the subject of this evening's talking points memo. devastating new jobs report out today says that if the same number of americans are were looking for work right now, as were looking for jobs in 2009, the unemployment rate would be about 11%. no question that after trillions of taxpayer dollars have been poured into the private marketplace by the obama administration, job growth remains awful. so why is that? the main culprit could be
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obama care which became law in 2010 with the goal providing health insurance to every american. the problem is that somebody has to pay for that, and business is the primary target. in my case, for example, my corporate health insurance premiums, for the corporations that i run have tripled. tripled. since obama care was passed. so millions of small business owners like me and large corporations as well are not hiring as many people because healthcare expenses are rising so quickly. it's that simple. hiring is stunted because of federal healthcare mandates. are we all getting this? now some specifics. writing in "time" magazine joe klein scolding the obama administration for not setting up promised health insurance exchanges for small businesses. in fact, 33 states can't meet obama care flirmts that area. the result?
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chaos. here is something even worse. the factor has learned that the health and human services agency may order the states to hire hundreds of thousands of so-called obama care navigators at salaries could average more than $60,000 a year. in california alone. 21,000 navigators are estimated to be needed. what do these people do? well, they simply advise other americans about how to deal with the outrageously complicated obama care law. according to the "the washington post," some of these navigators are likely to come from unions as well as immigrant service and community service organizations. but here is the reality. nobody, nobody will actually know what the navigators do because there is no objective way to measure advice. the navigators may be paid hourly with senior
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executives making up to 48 bucks an hour at least that's the federal estimate. again, what do these people actually do? this has the potential to be an enormous reuse, another close sell waste of money. nancy pelosi can't explain obama care. to say that obama care is off to a bad start is the understatement of the century. that's the memo. now for the top story tonight. reaction. with us david callahan co-founder of demoss co-founder of a progressive organization. that might be a freudian slip there. all right. i don't know whether you know this or not, but i have not been an obama care hater, all right? i would like every american to have health insurance. i think that would be good for the country. i don't want to wreck the country in the process. and this now is dim is it not? >> let's start with the question whether or not this is holding back job
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growth. gallup does a regular poll of business owners and asks them why aren't you hiring? the overwhelming reason is there is not enough customers. there is not demand. it's not obama care, it's not regulations, it's not taxes it's that consumers are tapped out. why are consumers tapped out? one reason is the majority of income gains during the recovery have gone to that top 1%. the middle class doesn't have any money, bill. >> bill: i don't know if that's the fault of the top 1% because the president is in charge of the economy. now, are you ready to hear my evidence? are you ready to hear it? >> go ahead. >> >> bill: do you have an open mind on this? yes? no? maybe? could? >> let me hear what you have got. >> bill: i want you to have an open mind. this is the u.s. chamber of commerce, 2013, this year, small business survey. ready? 77% of small business owners in america say healthcare law will make coverage for their employees more expensive.
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77%. 71% say the obama care law makes it harder for them to hire more employees. so, this is overwhelming by the u.s. chamber of commerce. and you say? >> well, the law has not taken effect and what gallup says. >> bill: so you don't believe this. >> u.s. chamber of commerce has an agenda. they have been the number one opponent of this healthcare law. >> bill: it's a conservative group. i run a corporation. i told you what my experience was. triple. be that as it may. navigators. do you like these navigator guys? >> look. this is a new complex system. >> bill: yeah. >> somebody needs to help these people figure it out. >> bill: somebody? >> yes. do you know what the navigators are? >> bill: yes. >> helping seniors figure out medicare. this navigator program builds on the existing program that's already in place that helps seniors figure out the medicare advantage prescription drug -- bill, that program was put in place by george sr. this is taking a program that works, building on it,
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people trust it, it works. >> bill: okay. so you have no problem with hundreds of thousands of navigators. >> it's not going to be hundreds of thousands. >> bill: it will be because each state is going to be compelled to hire the navigators and in california we're already looking at this astronomical number. but, here is the deal. when you give somebody advice, all right? you can't measure that. you know, like i come in every day and i do a program. and then the next day i get a rating on the program. and that tells my bosses whether i'm doing a good job or not. all right? so it's not subjective whether o'reilly is doing a good job. here is the number on the paper. >> yes. >> tell me a how a navigator can be evaluated? how? >> they have been doing it for 33 years. >> bill: this is gigantic new program. gigantic. >> there is various guidelines. the states have a lot of leeway to make sure the navigators are doing a good job. >> bill: i'm putting you in charge of the navigator program, david. >> this is going to be great for small businesses. >> bill: it's going to be
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great. >> do you know why? because small businesses have a hard time figuring out all this complex. >> bill: that's true. if i had a navigator, i would hire the navigator and pay them out of my own pocket. i don't want to pay them out of the taxpayer dollars but i'm putting you in charge. you are the navigator czar, okay? how on earth can you be sure that these people, number one, are giving advice and number two know what the hell they are talking about? are you giving them a test? >> there are requirements. >> bill: would you give them a test. >> look, i read the regulation today. there is detailed requirements. the state is going to have a lot of oversight. these people are going to be evaluated. >> bill: by whom? >> by state oversight agency. >> >> bill: who are they going to send out? firearm to do it? who is going to evaluate them? the navigator evaluators? >> it's been working for 23 years. this is just more of the same. >> bill: this is insane and it's chaotic and you know it i will give you the last word. >> look, we have a healthcare system right now where people are dying
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because they don't have insurance. obama care is going to fix that. yes, it has some problems. 2-million-dollar system doesn't change on a dime. >> i don't want anybody dying. i think this is just heading for disaster. always a pleasure though. >> thanks for being here. >> if you are lucky enough to have some money to invest. we may have some suggestions. uh-oh. this is going to be risky. later, talk about risky. we are putting gutfeld mcguirk on the air again. ahead. ing a multivitamin for years. centrum silver. both of us actually. our pharmacist recommended it. and that makes me feel pretty good about it. he
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or your local dealer. >> bill: impact something. tonight as we told you in the talking points memo the employment situation in america remains dim. if you do have money, where do you investigate it, banks pay little interest and everything else is high risk, right? with us now in new york stacy francis president of her own advising firm. pundit, actor ben stein, there he is. now ben, i want you just to
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tell me where you are putting your money, your own cash. because i know you. very careful, thrifty so that even ferris buehrle would understand it. buy the market itself. don't try to pick individual stocks. don't go with stock pickers even if they ever beautiful young women who say pick stocks go. with the markets. can you buy the index fund. there is almost no commission. it buys all the stocks and the 500 u.s. industrial public owned companies. can you buy an index fund from vanguard. and for almost no commission whatsoever, buy the largest even warren buffet who has been kind enough to become my friend and my latter years has said that he cannot outperform the markets. >> you are a dedicated stock guy. you believe no matter what happens that the stock market will eventually come back so just buy the whole
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market and these index funds and just put it away and hope and fray pray? >> if it goes down, buy more. but over long periods of time. >> won't have any money if it goes down. >> that's why you have to not put all your money. i would say have a good 30% in cash or short-term bonds. but most these stock index funds low cost, easy to do. >> bill: all right, ms. francis, i want to make it clear what your advice on this program has no monetary benefit to you at all. you don't sell, right? >> no. we do not sell. >> you use manage money for people. >> that's correct. >> bill: you say, what? where do you put your money. >> i agree with ben buying in the market is important. you have to be careful about what you aring can -- are considering as the market. right now we are investing for moderate portfolio 47% in bonds, fixed income. only 25% in u.s. equities.
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>> bill: if you were to take ben stein's advice would put 25% in these rather than trying to pick individual stock? >> bill: yeah. >> >> bill: that's lot of money they don't pay any trnchts within bond exposure making sure there is high yield in there. there is also some emerging market bonds. those have a little bit more umph to them that we expect over the next couple of years. >> bill: william devein, ben, will be teed off. i'm not hearing any golf. he has a plane and a horse and running around and driving gold up. glenn beck when i did boulder fresher shows he got got paid in gold he wouldn't take cash. >> if you buy. >> bill: i think they're all fixed. would you do it? >> gold is still not as high adjusted for inflation as it was in 1978.
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so, it is not considered investment. it pays no interest. i once asked buffett that question. he said not productive companies that make something. i would go with buffet. >> we think that gold is at nose bleed levels. >> bill: too high? >> it is too high and not the time to get in. if you really want to have some added growth in your portfolio because you are not getting it from u.s. stocks. you are not going to get it from bonds. look at emerging markets. >> the fed is all kinds of money prop up the economy. do you both agree with me on that? >> all these dollars are being printed. worth of the dollar down worldwide. the only reason we haven't collapsed is because there isn't any other currency. euro? ridiculous, chinese currency absurd. that's the only reason. we are the best of the worst. but our whole dollar system is being undermined by the
5:17 pm
irresponsible administration in washington. am i wrong, stein? you have got 30 second. i will give stacy 30 seconds. >> you are completely wrong. they can print as much money as they want. unless the economy returns to a high velocity, high confidence in the economy. we're not going to get inflation. we're nowhere near the limit of how much money they can print. >> you can say? >> same thing we don't have inflation risk. actually what we're more concerned about is interest rates rising down the line. everybody is throwing money in to be safe. guess what you? are going to like look a lot of money. >> dvd portfolio. >> i'm a chicken when it comes to all of this. >> ms. francis, ben stein. south korea puts warships? motion. will there be a war on the korean peninsula? pinheads of the week. good ones this weekend and we're coming right back. what's droid-recognition ?
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>> unresolved problem segment tonight. as the you may know north korea threatening to attack the u.s. and our ally south korea. apparently the north koreans have an active military of 1.1 million south koreans estimated 700,000 while the u.s.a. has more than 28,000 troops in south korea. joimg us now from washington to sort it all out colonel ralph peters. you have 1.1 up against about 60% of that. you have to assume that the pentagon has been war gaming this and that's what i want to do tonight. what do you do if this nut in north korea does provoke a war? what do you do? >> it has been going on for half a century as it has in
5:22 pm
the north korean side. bill, if the north koreans were foolish enough to attack the south, it wouldn't all be about the numerical advantage which really isn't that large. it would be about the preparedness, readiness and the quality of the weapons of the south and the u.s. and after initial bloody phase it would hurt seoul the capital of south korea very badly. the it would be the end of the north korean regime. >> why would they lose? >> well, it's not all men. they don't have -- even in the human factor junior officers don't have initiative. it's tightly control old soviet tactics it sounds impressive to say they have got at least 2,000 tanks. a lot of them are very very old. geared much of it from 50s, 60's, early 70s. newer stuff they don't have that much of it. their aircraft. jets. over 300 very old aircraft. they are not that effective.
5:23 pm
their pilot training is not that effective. initially in the border fighting. seoul is a hostage city and south koreans know it virtually within conventional artillery range. 30 miles from the dmz, the border. after that initial phase, believe me i have absolute confidence that the north koreans would face military disaster. >> bill: united states brings high tech representry and we level the country. you would have to bomb the country almost back stone age back to the stone age. destroy infrastructure on every level and i assume that's what would happen. >> not that much infrastructure to attack. my concern is this. we are bound by treaty to mutual defense pack. to help defend south korea. but if the north koreans were foolish enough and crazy enough to pull the
5:24 pm
plug and come across that border. step up to the plate immediately. i don't know how china is going to react to that he couldn't consider that he would have to immediately go in. send carriers and our bases in oak that you what would have to be mobilized. you would think they would be ready to do that. >> they are. >> okay. he is out of his blanking behind and has nothing else to do and go down in a blaze of glory like saddam hussein did. what are the odds of that. >> i can't put a number on it like six out of ten or three out of five. i do worry about one thing that's not being talked about in the press. everyone assumings consume jong un new boy toy of south korea that he knows his capabilities and i am not convinced that he knows his own military's
5:25 pm
limitations. his generals who have been consuming the country's resources for decades may be lying to him yes, boss, we can do it, we can hit america. he may not know. and he may miscalculate and try to do some sort of token attack at least or a broader attack. i think a token attack is more likely. token attack. south koreas hit him hard we are in it. >> being -- look, the guy may be unbelievably loopy. you don't know what his frame of reference is if there is somebody there saying look. i mean this would be because of the china factor and that's what everybody has to take into account. let's just put it this way. there is nothing good that could come of this. you are right. we can't put a percentage on this because we don't know this nut. you are confident that the pentagon and the u.s. government has a worse case scenario and as soon as an invasion did happen. >> yes. >> bill: bang? >> as soon as an invasion
5:26 pm
does happen. we have got the plans to do it. the president has to go and get -- he has to get the order to to do it immediately. what scares me is. this our intelligence committee doesn't have great access to north korea. dennis rodman knows more about the north korean leadership than the cia. >> bill: see, i would put rodman up like in front of everyone in the dmz so he would be the first guy to get run over by the north korean tank. i don't know if that's allowed. all right, colonel. thanks very much. plenty more ahead as the factor moves along this evening. shocking video shot in a new orleans jail showing incarcerated men using drugs. one even has a gun. geraldo on that. and then how radical is actor robert redford. gutfeld and mcguirk has some thoughts. we hope you stay tuned to those reports. it's like a sexy sandwich. [ anouncer ] compare new griddle melts yourself. just $4. it's like a sexy sandwich.
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>> bill: fridays with geraldo segment tonight. disturbing situation in new orleans. that has been corrupt ever since the british battle of new orleans. affiliate ran a video that showed incarcerated men using drugs and arming themselves inside new orleans parish jail. >> unsanitary living conditions from a shocking display of drugs and paraphernalia. >> >> this shocking video
5:31 pm
aired during a federal court hearing over proposed consent decree to governor jail reforms at new orleans parish prison. video believed to be shut schott by inmates inside the house of detention shows inmates shooting up heroin, snorting drugs behind bars. and even carrying a loaded gun. >> bill: here now with more geraldo rivera. what i don't understand is this has been going on for hundreds of years down there in the city, new orleans. it never gets better. >> people think of new orleans as the big easy as you know, bill. we love going to the mardi gras the jazz festival and all those things. that part of new orleans, the french quarter is such a tiny part of the city. this is not the big easy. this is the big sleazy. new orleans has a murder rate 14 times greater than
5:32 pm
new york city about on the par with detroit. population of 320,000 during one year. 66,000 out of 320,000 were in this jail. were in prison. so you have this violent society. government, police department under federal watch since hurricane katrina because the officers were shooting unarmed civilians. now you have the sheriff's department running this jail the sheriff his name marlin gusman elected in 2004. the sheriff says well maybe somebody doctored this video. this can't possibly represent my jail. although it was clearly shot during his tenure 4 years ago when the house of detention the 10 story building that i have been in was still open. now it has been closed who shot this video if it was inmate that shot it. where did the inmate get the camera? if it was a guard that shot
5:33 pm
it, why is it that not a single sheriff's deputy has been disciplined for what we see in the shocking video. >> bobby jindal the governor. honest guy. got a new mayor in there. >> landrieu. the brother of -- the sister is the senator. >> the former mayor of katrina has been indicted. >> he is in trouble. >> corrupt city and always has been. and i don't -- why can't it improve? why doesn't it get better? >> i can't answer that i think when you consider that what new orleans really is, aside from -- someone talking about manhattan. there is times square. that's the french quarter that's where the tourists go and everything else was a vast urban waste land. that's what the story of new orleans is. >> bill: there is enormous amount of poverty in the city. again, there is a service industry there that can support the population. so, all right. you have got bad guys in there. clean them out. you know -- >> -- i agree. >> bill: this city was a
5:34 pm
disgrace at one point. and giuliani came in with bratton and they cleaned it up. but in new orleans. >> they never clean it up. >> new orleans, the problem is that the police are considered corrupt. there is no relationship between. >> bill: fire them and get other people. >> i totally agree. that's why the feds are there police are operating under consent decree under the department of justice. now debating consent decree on the prisons. you have to remember the central focus here is that the murder rate, the gun violence. why don't they have stop and frisk? why don't they have aggressive policing? why don't they have really conscientious. >> i guess the folks in louisiana aren't demanding it. >> you have to have responsibility. this sheriff, that's his jail. >> not indicted. he should certainly be rejected by the people of new orleans. >> dysfunctional city big sleazy. >> one minute there is a civil lawsuit going on
5:35 pm
filed by michael jackson's mother and his three children against the promoting company that was working with jackson when he died jury selection began this week, correct? >> correct. >> now, we hear that prince and these other people are going to be paraded into this? ross a lot of other people. >> prince can i understand as an attorney does have some relevant testimony. prince performed at the same arena that michael jackson was scheduled to perform in london when he died. prince had a run of almost two dozen shows in london. he had relevant testimony. he has worked with aeg live this company. you also have the fact that i think prince will provide some testimony. but it is the children of michael jackson who will provide very powerful testimony that the promoters allegedly knew they allegedly knew that michael jackson was being sustained by drugs. by conrad murray. >> the fraudulent doctor. >> involuntary manslaughter
5:36 pm
for helping kill michael jackson. is he in prison. i spoke to his lawyer just about an hour ago. you have a case a very interesting case and i think the family has a reasonable possibility of recovery. >> bill: the family wants $40 billion. >> they are basing that on what they project michael jackson, the king of pop's earnings will be if he had lived. >> bill: would be. >> if he had lived until 70. i think that. >> >> bill: are you following. this i'm covering michael jackson and new orleans. michael jackson doing a special this weekend 10:00 eastern time saturday night. >> bill: geraldo, everybody, there he is when we come right back, president obama says he will give up some of his salary because of hard fiscal times. gutfeld mcguirk will comment after these messages. @ at tyco integrated security, we consider ourselves business optimizers.
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>> bill: thanks for staying with us, i'm bill o'reilly in the what the heck just happened seeing. tonight. $400,000 a year but will donate $20,000 of that to the federal government to pay for stuff. so let's see. 17 trillion-dollar debt minus 20,000. here now. greg gutfeld and bernard mcguirk. gutfeld, you were out of control on that show you were on. five? >> yeah. >> bill: i thought dana perino was going to leave the set. >> i had a little too much coffee. >> bill: wow. you were all over the place. >> i would like to apologize to america. america fer war the actress. >> no idea who that is.
5:41 pm
>> bill: wasn't she in some sitcom. >> ugly betty. >> bill: obama making gesture. >> it's beautiful. he truly cares about america. you know what he is like? is he like that drunk stockbroker who throws 5 bucks at the homeless guy as he is walking into the four seasons restaurant. it was all symbolic. all substance to impress people but ultimately it means nothing. symbolism in his mind always beats substance. >> >> bill: he wants to give back. you know what's happening. it happened because on this program we said, you know what? he is asking for shared sacrifice. but he ain't sacrificing. and that's why he is doing it, i think. >> of course. he is feeling the pressure. that's actually the good part about it. but it's all symbolism. like your kid putting money in a piggy bank. so cute. it couldn't have been more insulting if a white house released obama in a tool belt vacuuming the oval office. stop spending money we don't have. >> bill: sequester cuts is he doing it himself. >> everybody about super
5:42 pm
studies to genitalia to fat lesbians. >> bill: this is going to shock you. you guys are being rough on him. 20,000 is symbolic and doesn't mean nothing in the long one run. >> what's 5% of your salary, bill? >> bill: you couldn't add that high. you would need a calculator to add that. >> joe biden on the spot. i'm sure he took time out from watching the cartoon network to talk to jill about what they should do. >> bill: biden and gore before him never give money to charity. cheney gave like $8 million to charity. >> it's a dilemma for him. >> bill: the associated press and they love this show. they just can't say enough good things about the factor. they say now they are never again going to use the term illegal alien. all right? and jay leno had something to say about that. >> and in a ground breaking move the associated press the largest news gathering outfit in the world will no longer use the term illegal
5:43 pm
immigrant. that is out. no longer illegal immigrant. they will now use the word undocumented democrat. [ laughter ] >> undocumented democrat. >> bill: i think no one knows he has got a great point. most of the undocumented, illegal, whatever you want to call them folks who just wandered here, they will probably vote democratic. >> um-huh. >> bill: when my people came from ireland they voted democratic. that's the history of the nation. you say? >> our people. and, by the way. 46% of latinos in some polls they site say they are offended by it which tells me more than half are not offended by the phrase illegal immigrant. i have all the respect for illegal immigrants. god fearing hard working people they made it from the promise land. but you are still here illegally. >> bill: gutfeld i was on geraldo's dopey radio show. you know that? >> congratulations. >> bill: we had this argue. geraldo demand i never use
5:44 pm
the world illegal alien again. all right geraldo you are insane. everyone applauded even his own staff. i said number two if you are a resident ill alien in the united states that means you come with registration. they give you a card you are a resident alien. if you don't do that you are an illegal alien. that is the legal term. >> right: the left knows if you change the language you can change the rules. if you use this language drug dealers become unlicensed pharmacist. >> bill: yeah. >> shoplifters are now nonpaying. >> bill: it's not gay marriage it's marriage equality. >> it's not abortion it's pro-choice. >> bill: reproductive rights. >> sorry. >> bill: had you a lucid observation. >> i'm on a medication. it's working although you look like a giant elephant. bill: we hope you don't
5:45 pm
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>> bill: back ever the book segment tonight. we continue with mcguirk and greg gutfeld. get to the pinheads of the week.d has select add educator who hired radical underground killer cathy bodine. as we reported last night ms. bodine was convicted of murder during an armored car robbery. she served 23 years in prison. was let out and now she is going to teach at columbia. >> i want to also talk about the people that are still in prison and not here. and remember them. people david gilbert. judy clark. seq. with a ding go.
5:49 pm
roselyn smith. so many other people that aren't here but i am thinking of them. we want them here with us and hopefully some day they will be. >> bill: i would like the three people you murdered to be here, too do you know what i mean? all right, gutfeld. good selection. this woman is off the chart let the columbia university. >> can i barely talk about this. she shouldn't be in columbia. she should be in a cemetery. she was involved in making bombs that killed three of her cohorts that were meant for our troops at a dance with their wives and girlfriends. they tried to kill our troops. awful. it's awful. >> bill: you have to get back to the pinhead of the week. associate dean. >> this is the woman who made the decision to bring in boudin, right? there she is. >> goes to show with you time everybody forgets evil. they let it -- nobody reads anymore. >> i don't think they forgot. i don't think they care. >> they don't care. you are absolutely right. they don't care.
5:50 pm
and it is disgusting. i don't know to hear this boudin some people are still in jail. we really wish they were here. what about the three guys you killed? >> vietnam war veterans, too. >> she was almost 40 when she did this. she wasn't a kid. >> i can't. i can't. ms. boudin better hope she doesn't run into me on the streets in new york. robert redford. there is a little parallel going on here. go. >> when i was younger. i was very much aware of the movement i was more than sympathetic. >> even when you read about bombing? >> i knew that it was extreme and i guess movements have to be extreme to some degree. >> unbelievable. this movie is based on that woman boudin and boyfriend who red ford plays and that stephanopoulos by the way, i mean, he made mario lopez look like russert.
5:51 pm
you should be on the marketing team. red ford for making this movie glamorizing and celebrating cop killers is he a spoiled -- >> bill: you didn't see the movie yet? >> i read all. >> bill: i read it, too. let's keep it in the red ford zone. >> they say he celebrates and romanticizes. >> bill: i don't have time to seat stupid movie and no one else is going to see it. but i don't want to crucify the movie without seeing it but red ford himself has a history. first he was an environmentalist that's a good thing in utah. he bought up a lot of land the sundance thing and all of that he comes in and out of this incorporate this. i don't think he likes this country. >> he made a movie, that's exactly right. is he a rich spoiled self-ingrate punch. he made a movie about -- and these people who sympathize with the weather underground same people who spit on the return servicemen from vietnam. that mentality that george stephanopoulos loves so much. >> bill: i don't know about that. >> hollywood never met a
5:52 pm
thug. >> bill: a left wing hug. one of the biggest maniacs, home seidel maniac in history. put dana milbank's picture up there. nobody knows -- i know nobody knows him. he has been writing at "the washington post" for years. he has a plumb job there. and the guy just isn't capable telling the truth here is what he wrote about me this week. fox news channel has dropped sarah palin and he is happy about that bill o'reilly criticized opponents of same sex marriage as bible thumpers. no i didn't. i didn't do anything close to that. what i said was you don't use you don't thump the bible in debating the issue. i didn't criticize critics of gay marriage or categorize them as bible thumpers. this guy is just a liar. yet, he gets paid by the "the washington post" he gets paid to do this all this time. i'm furious. >> perpetuate that lie. >> i want to put milbank,
5:53 pm
red ford and boudin on a rank and push it toward cuba. the three of us will go to key west. the three of us will push it right toward cuba and the current will take it. >> i'm not allowed in key west anymore. >> you were at one time very popular there in hemingway's home. >> never trusted dana. >> if i were perino, i would sue you so bad. >> bill: i have got to go. good to see you guys. >> you are lying. >> bill: i would like to announce a patriot this evening. the white house is honoring dr. jeremiah lowny from norwich, connecticut who does great work with the poor in haiti. i have known dr. lowny for decades. we support his charity. all of the money that this man gets, every cent of it goes to the desperately poor children and adults who live in haiti. congratulations to you, doctor. you deserve that white house honor. you are a patriot. in a moment, the factor tip
5:54 pm
of the day. something that will make you laugh very hard over the weekend. the tip 60 seconds away. ef vale gets stuck... [ booooooom! ] ...we hot water heaters can transform into rocket propelled wrecking balls. and if you got the wrong home insurance coverage, it's your bank account that might explode. so get allstate. [ dennis ] good hands. good home. make sure you have the right home protection. talk to an allstate agent.
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>> i'll sign them with a special greed growthing for mom and dad. get the order in and you'll get a free vdv. if you become a premium member, you get any one of my books free of charge. we will have a special town hall meeting about "killing jesus" for premium members on april 22. we hope you sign up. the mail, robert, dallas, texas. as someone who thumps the bible every sunday to thousands of people, i understand your point and i'm not offended. we have to use secular arguments to persuade secular people.
5:56 pm
>> i appreciate your letter. another one, bill, here is where i disagree with you. the bible is in an integral part of our history and moral cam -- compass. to say it doesn't count is ridiculous. of course it counts. but in the court system, it doesn't count. even though witnesses swear on it. mary, massachusetts. i'm in high school and gay marriage is portrayed as equality. is there an opposing argument to that? marriage equality is the liberal description of the issue, mary. but if the supreme court imposes so-called marriage equality for gays, it can't deny plural marriage or any other union. that being said, all americans have a constitutional right to pursue happiness on an equal basis. gays included. so civil unions should be legalized everywhere in order for people to have equal access to the benefits of marriage. there you go.
5:57 pm
peggy, boonville, north carolina. none of us are going to abandon the bible regardless of any policy. get it, o'reilley? i believe i do. and no one is asking you to abandon scripture. civil laws are change not guilty this country and if you want to stop that, you better have constitutional arguments ready to go. feeling certain jesus and all the prophets would agree with me on that. dennis, washington, well done. adding a second bolder fresher show in spokane. half sold out after one day, dennis. word to the wise. got to move it. also we put some premium tickets on sale for the june 1 long island show. mother and father's day gifts. tell megyn kelly that bill can only water when she buys him dinner. that's what he advises. i'll get the water, al. but i'm also getting the appetizer and the dessert.
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you can afford it. finally, the tip of the day. i don't know about you, but i need some laughs this weekend. so i was thinking about what movie is really amazing from start -- amusing from start to finish. there are a few candidates, like "mash," early woody allen stuff. here is my favorite funny film.
5:59 pm
>> i said it was funny. not politically correct. that's the original "producers." watch it this weekend. you'll thank me. factor tip of the day. that's it for us tonight. please check out the factor web site. also, we would like you to spout off about "the factor" from any part of the world. name and town if you wish to opine. word of the day, do not be bodacious. great word when writing to the factor. if you're watching us in an exotic place, i got one from machipichu in peru. way up in the mountains. they're watching "the factor" up there. let us know where you'ring watching around the globe. thanks for watching us tonight.


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